Thursday, November 17, 2011

Veteran's Day Lipstick

The girls had the opportunity to march in our city's Veteran's Day Parade last week. Amanda thought it would be the perfect time to wear a little make-up. I really had no opinion on the matter, as I was in "holiday" mode and not wanting to make any decisions or carry out any discipline.

When it came time for lipstick, she chose one of my Clinique samples that was a shade of light pink. The name? Pink Beach.

Amanda: Megan, mom's letting me wear her Pink Beach lipstick to the parade today!

Megan: I wanna' wear some Pink Bitch lipstick!

Me: Uh, that's Pink BEACH lipstick.

Megan: Whatever. Can I wear some?

Me: Sure.

Like I've always said ... nothing says "Happy Veteran's Day" like some

Pink Bitch lipstick.

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