Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tunnel Vision

Megan's on the tail end of a cold. Before church last Sunday I noticed a little something in her left nostril that needed to be addressed.

Me: Meg, you might want to check your nose before we go into church.

We were still in the car, so she leaned forward to look in the rear view mirror.

Megan: Oh! You're RIGHT!! Can I have a Kleenex please?

After taking care of it, she kept looking at her nose in the rear view mirror with all kinds of fascination.

Megan: Mom, have you ever noticed that your nose looks like a tunnel?

Me: Hmm. No, I guess I haven't.

She then looked at me, face super close, nostrils flared and in a creepy voice said, "It's a tuuunnnellll. Look at the tuuunnnnnellllll."

So I did. And she was right.


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