Monday, November 28, 2011

Meg's Christmas Trivia

Meg won a Christmas Trivia card game at her class Thanksgiving party last week. When she asked me if I wanted to play, I said "Sure."

Wrong answer.

Here's how it went down ...

Question #1

Megan: In what country did the first advent calendar o-gredient?

Me trying to clarify the mispronounced word: Originate?

Megan: Nope! Germany.

Question #2

Megan: What is a tay-bomb?

Me having not learned from my experience with question #1: Tannenbaum?

Megan: No. It's a German Christmas tree.

Question #3

Megan: Which of the following did the 3 wise men not bring to Baby Jesus: Gold, frankleness, or dynamos?

Me pretty sure that neither dynamos or frankleness were among the first Christmas gifts: Um, frankleness?

Megan: Dynamos (which I later saw was spelled: diamonds)

Question #4

Megan: Which of the following is not one of Santa's reindeer: Vixen, Common, or Donner?

Me: Common?

Megan: Nope. Donner.

Me: But Donner IS one of Santa's reindeer. Wait, how is it spelled?

Megan: D-o-n-n-a.

Me: Uh huh. And how is Common spelled?

Megan: C-o-m-e-t.

Yeah ... never play a trivia game with a 3rd grade reader who is missing both front teeth. Odds are not in your favor.

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