Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life and Cows

I've mentioned before that my girls sit with me in church during the 1st gathering, then they go off to Sunday School after that.

This past Sunday, our pastor was speaking on Psalm 73 and how Asaph couldn't reconcile the injustices of life with the character of God. Our pastor used the phrase, "Life isn't fair" several times. Then in verse 22, Asaph realizes he was "senseless and ignorant; a brute beast before God." Our pastor likened the "brute beast" to a big dumb cow taking it's time crossing the road ... only caring about it's own agenda.

There was obviously much more to his message, BUT ... during the closing prayer, Megan turned to me ...

Megan: Mom, can I not go to Sunday School, but instead stay in dad's office and play my DSi?

Me: No.

Megan: Why not?

Me wanting to point out that she didn't learn anything during this gathering, but that she would during Sunday School: What did you learn during this service?

Megan: That life isn't fair and there was some guy who was a cow.

Me: Exactly. You're going to Sunday School.

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