Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Megan's on a roll in the losing teeth department. She's lost both top front teeth, and now the teeth on either side of those are loose. She now knows that teeth = money.

Megan: Mom, how much do you think I could get if my silver tooth falls out?

Me: Well, you get $1 for a regular tooth, right?

Megan: Except for this one, remember? I wrote to the Tooth Fairy and asked for 2 bucks and she gave it to me!

Me: She did? (I did? It sounds vaguely familiar, like I might have even blogged about it. Hmmm.)

Megan: Yeah. So how much for the silver one do you think?

Me: Gee, I dunno. How much do you think?

Megan: $12.00.

Me: $12.00?! How do you figure?

Megan: Well, I already have $13.00 and I need $12.00 more to buy that chocolate thing in the catalog.

Me: Oh. Well, you're really gonna' have to plead your case with the Tooth Fairy to get $12.00.

It's a molar, so thankfully I've got some time to decide what that might be worth to me the Tooth Fairy. But since I'm the one who paid for the stinkin' crown in the first place, the thought of paying another $12.00 for it is not looking good.

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