Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Momma's New Moniker

Amanda's on student council, and they thought it would be good for the students to dress in red, white & blue last Thursday in honor of Veteran's Day. I figured I'd participate, and put together my most patriotic ensemble which was comprised of blue jeans, a white shirt with ruffles down the front and a 15 year old red blazer. Megan's reaction was priceless ...

Megan: Wow, Mom, you look just like Mozart.

Me: Mozart?

Megan motioning to my ruffled shirt front: Yeah. The only difference is his jacket was green, not red.

The only difference? I'm thinkin' my hair looks a little better, and oh yeah, I'm not a MAN.

And yes, she continued to call me Mozart all day. Even left me a note on my desk at work regarding her hot lunch:

Dear Mozart: I didn't know I had makin-cheese for lunch!

Good times. Classical-music-composer-comparison times.

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