Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Parenting in the Pew

That's actually a title from a CD I ordered back when I only had 1 toddler. The title interested me, so I bought it. The sad part? I never listened to it. And that's probably why attending church with my girls is so frustrating to me. I mean, how many times do I have to give them the evil eye before they're gonna' get it? Church is not the place to kick or pinch your sister, or whisper louder than your outside voice, or lay on the floor and take a nap! Isn't this all just understood??

Apparently not.

So a couple of weeks ago I thought to myself: Perhaps the reason the girls don't behave the way you want them to in church, is because you've never told them beforehand what you expect of them. Hmmm. I had a point.

So before we got out of the car to walk into church that Sunday morning, I turned to the girls who were sitting in the backseat ...

Me: Now, before we go inside, I want to let you know what kind of behavior I expect of you once we sit down.

Amanda: Okaay.

Me: After I sing with the choir, and come down to sit with you, it is NOT the time to tattle on your sister or ask questions that can wait until the gathering is over. Believe it or not, I actually want to HEAR the message our Pastor is giving. That's why I get so irritated when you distract me. I'm trying to pay attention. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Megan: Message? What message?

My point exactly.

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