Thursday, October 13, 2011

Talkin' Text

While eating dinner last night, the phone rang.

You should know that we get our money's worth when it comes to caller id. If we don't recognize the number, it goes straight to voice mail! Who's with me?!

Amanda lo
oked at the caller's number ...

Amanda: TFC.

Me: Hmm?

Amanda: TFC ... Toll Free Call.


Amanda: What's 'AATJ'?

Me: And All That Jazz.

Okay, you may not find that funny, but Amanda laughed her head off (with food in her mouth, mind you.) And I know my sister will find the humor in this, because it's kind of a family joke. So my apologies to those of you who didn't get your daily smile from this post.

Speaking of daily posts ... When I started this blog about a year and a half ago, I posted about 3 times a week, sometimes 4. Then I started getting comments from people who said they looked forward to reading my blog everyday. I thought to myself, "Everyday?! Wow. Do I even have enough material for 7 days a week?" The answer to that is, "No." And if I'm being honest, I rarely have enough material for 5 days a week, but I post 5 days a week anyway ... just for the sake of posting, which is lame, right?

Okay, so I'm asking for some feedback here ... shall I continue with the 5 posts per week? Or only post when there's something that's truly worth posting (in my opinion, of course)?

And if you think I should stop altogether ... please keep that opinion to yourself. I'm pretty much just fishing for compliments here. ;)


  1. I'm a total stranger, but your blog is one of my favorites. I love that you're honest about your parenting and that you enjoy your kids.

    I'm not a rule setter, though, so I say blog when you want to!

  2. I love your blog! But post when you want to and when you have time to!