Monday, October 24, 2011

"The Man"

I really need to take notes during the day, because more than not, I only remember a portion of what my girls say. For instance ... the other day I asked Amanda a question. Can't remember what it was, but I do remember her answer:

Amanda: Well that's what The Man said.

Me: 'The Man'?

Amanda: Yeah, Padre.

Me: 'Padre'.

Amanda: Yeah. Dad is Padre and you are Madre.

Me: Okay fine ... but 'The Man'? Really?

Amanda just shrugged.

My girls are Dutch and Sweedish and live in California, and the fact that Amanda would call me Madre and call Henry Padre, didn't even phase me really.

But 'The Man'?

Are we in a James Bond movie and no one told me?


  1. "That's what the man said, don't you listen to what the man said? He said, 'Do do do do do do do do.'" Maybe she heard that old song. I mean, who would wanna miss those words of deep wisdom? Henry? You been singin' that song?

  2. Ha! Paul McCartney!! Haven't thought of that song in forever!! (And if Henry sings that song, it's never around me!)