Friday, October 28, 2011

"My Mom" by Megan

Amanda had to write about me in 3rd grade, and now it's Meg's turn. While I know this was an assignment that she had to do, and probably had a list of adjectives to choose from, I still enjoyed reading it. And yes, I'm going to leave in all the spelling and spaces the way she wrote them.

My Mom

Let me tell you about someone who is specal to me. It is my mom. She has short, blonde hair. She is smart and funny. She is alwas there for me. She is glamorous. She is out standing. I got hurt in my bed and she raced to my room. She is hysterical. She giggles a whole bunch. SHE IS THE BEST MOM EVER! I love my mom! That is why my mom is special to me.

That's right ... I'm glamorous AND hysterical. (And apparently out standing somewhere.)

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