Friday, October 7, 2011

Responsibility vs. Duct Tape

Amanda earns tickets from her art teacher for doing extra credit projects. These tickets can be turned in for prizes. Last week she earned some, showed them to me, then came to me an hour later asking where they were.

Me: How should I know where the are?

Amanda: I showed them to you.

Me: Well you need to keep better track of your tickets next time, because I don't know what you did with them.

Amanda: My friend made a ticket holder out of duct tape. I wish I could get some duct tape to make a holder for my tickets.

Me: We're not going to the store for duct tape so you can make a ticket holder.

Amanda stomped out, clearly irritated with my lack of support for the duct tape plan. When she told her art teacher that she'd misplaced her tickets, she was kind enough to give her replacement tickets.

The following day she came asking me if I knew where her replacement tickets were.

Me: Seriously? Why would I know that? You reeeally need to take better care of those.

Amanda: Well if YOU'D taken me to get duct tape like I'd asked, I'd still have my tickets!

That's right. This is all MY fault because I didn't buy her duct tape. Someone call CPS.

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  1. We have these types of conversations all the time in our house. Exhausting!