Thursday, October 6, 2011

Judge Not

It rained Wednesday, yay!! I've been waitin' for this all summer!!! Now because of the rain, Amanda's volleyball practice was cancelled.

Me: I hope the ground dries out enough before your volleyball game tomorrow.

Amanda: I know.

Me: Did I tell you I'm gonna' be a Line Judge?

Megan: A Lying Judge? I thought Judges were supposed to tell the truth.

Me: I said Line Judge, not Lying Judge. And for the record, I intend to tell the truth.

Megan: Good, because Judges can't lie, Mom.

Me: I know, Meg.

Why do I get the feeling she doubts my ability to carry out this task? As if lying is an issue I struggle with or something. Oh well. As long as she doesn't yell a reminder to me as I'm walking out onto the court, that judges don't lie ...

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