Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Justice Apology

Um. Yeah. I kinda' went off on Justice and their high prices awhile ago (You can read about that here if you missed it the first time around). So when the following transpired last weekend, I knew I needed to eat some humble pie ... on the WORLD WIDE WEB!

This has been the week for end-of-the-year swim parties at school. Not surprisingly, Amanda's swimsuits from last summer no longer fit, so we needed to find her a new one, STAT.

She had been looking through the Justice mailer which had darling swimsuits that were $33 each ... UNLESS you waited until the sale started on Monday, when everything in the store would be 40% off. Well, it was Saturday ... the only day we'd have time to try on swimsuits. So I told Amanda we could go look, and if she found one that she liked, we could see if they would hold it until Monday, then we'd drive over real quick after school to pay for it. She was good with that.

We walked in. She found this cute suit (but it was black with pink polka dots):

She tried it on. It was perfect. (When does that EVER happen while swimsuit shopping?! Or jean shopping for that matter?!)

So we got in line. While waiting, an employee came over to take our item and prep it for check-out. I explained our dilemma and asked her if she thought we'd be allowed to put the suit on hold until Monday. She said they usually only hold items for 24 hours, but that I could call the next day to extend the hold one more day. (Yay!) Then she said, "But they'll probably just give you the 40% off today."

Say what?! I thought I was in Justice ... what just happened?

When I got up to the front, it all went down just as the gal thought it would. I explained my situation, and the cashier said, "You mean you don't have a coupon?" I told her that I used to be on their email list, but that I'd apparently fallen off (since slamming them on my blog) because I hadn't received any coupons in a long time. She said, "That's okay, I'll just give you the 40% off. I'm not crazy. I'm not gonna' make you come back Monday when you're already here."

Yes, the Hallelujah Chorus did come to mind, actually.

I thanked her profusely, paid my $21 and skipped out of the store.

And if that weren't enough ... we walked across the way to The Children's Place and found Megan a swimsuit in like 2 minutes for $11!! COME ON!! Where's that Lottery ticket when you need it? ;)

Alright, so all that to say ... I want to formally apologize for my less than stellar review of Justice a few months ago. I feel that Justice was had this past weekend, and I am now a loyal customer (who will never darken the doors of that store without a coupon in hand, because that's how they roll, and I get it now.)

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