Monday, May 2, 2011


On the way to school the other day, the girls were listening and singing to a Jonas Brothers' song when Megan had a question about some lyrics ...


Did he just sing, "dream tomato?"


"Dreams are made of" not "dream tomato!!"

I think I like "dream tomato" better.

This brief exchange brought to mind a song from my junior high days that I thought I knew the lyrics to. It was on the "Flashdance" soundtrack, and for the life of me, I thought the chorus went like this ...

Sweet Juicy tonight. Sweet-Sweet-Sweet-Juicy tonight.

Okay, before you mock me, saying something like, "That makes absolutely no sense." Let me enlighten you with my junior high logic: Since I was convinced those were the words, I just figured they were singing about a popular chewing gum, "Juicy Fruit". Now if any of you have actually seen the movie Flashdance (which I had not seen back then at age 13), you know that a song about gum totally fits with the theme of that movie.

The picture above will make no sense to those of you who have never seen Flashdance. For those who have seen the movie, please tell me you "get" it.

Oh, and imagine my surprise when I found out years later that the REAL lyrics to this song were, "Seduce me tonight. Se-se-se-duce me tonight."


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