Wednesday, May 4, 2011

School Projects

Instead of weekly book reports this last quarter of school, Megan was to read a chapter book and make a diorama.

Okay. Teachers know that the kids can't do these things all by themselves, right? I mean, they expect the parents (read "mom") to help, correct?

Well, I helped Megan over Easter break with her diorama. It was on the Flat Stanley book, "Invisible Stanley". She wanted to make the characters out of clay, but I thought that would be too difficult, so I suggested paper people. Once she saw what I was talking about, she thought it would be okay. I suggested a few other ideas which she liked, and within the hour we were done. Yay!

Megan turned in her project and that evening I asked her how it went ...

Me: So, did your teacher like your diorama?

Megan: She had me get up in front of the class and ask me about it.

Me: Oh yeah? What did she ask you?

Megan: She asked me if I drew the faces on the people, and I told her you did.

Me: Oh. Did she ask you anything else?

Megan: She asked me if I made the tree, and I told you did.

Me: Honey, you colored the tree.

Megan: I know, but you cut it out.

Me feeling sweaty all of a sudden: Well did you tell her anything that YOU did on the diorama?

Megan: No, because everything she asked me was something you did. She said you're really good at them and should make one.

Oh. My. Goodness. What happens to 2nd graders whose moms get carried away and help too much with a diorama?! And more importantly ... what happens to the MOMS?!!

Me: Okay, Megan. You need to do another one, but all by yourself.

Megan: But I can't do it all by myself!!

Me: Yes you can. It was my fault for doing too much on the last one. I'll guide you through it, but you're gonna' actually put it together, okay?

Megan big sigh: Okay, but Mom?

Me: Yeah?

Megan: I wanna' do clay people this time.

Me: Sounds good.

What a sport. She did a 2nd diorama ALL BY HERSELF. (The only thing she asked for help on was the teeny clay eyes.) I emailed her teacher to let her know what was coming, and why. As always, her teacher was more than gracious and understanding, saying that she expects parents to help, and that Megan's original diorama was just fine. I assured her that I would be exchanging MINE for Megan's new and improved diorama.

Behold, the dioramas ...

Megan's takes me back to the days of Mr. Bill on SNL. I love it!

Oh, and before any of you parents go to the upper elementary Open House in a couple of weeks, I'll confess right now that yes, I drew the ice skater on Amanda's book report project, okay? I have already been interrogated by her teacher, so it's all out in the open. I sketched it and Amanda traced over it. And I feel terrible. I obviously have a problem. I guess I'm just wondering why the teachers assign these projects to our kids? They should just send a note home with the mom's name on it so we know what we'll be graded on next.


  1. Don't worry, over the break Zach had to make a SCRAPBOOK for a book project. What 11 year old boy knows how to make a scrapbook?!?!?! He did a first one and I basically told him that he needed to start over with my help.
    Love Megan's clay people! Totally Mr. Bill.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment!

    I actually found your blog via Tracey's awhile back and have been stalking ever since, although I can't remember if I've ever left a comment. I DO know that I've LOL'd many a times reading your funny posts, and can relate with a lot of them! What a lovely family you have. Looking forward to following along.