Friday, May 20, 2011

No Offense & I Wish

Amanda's new catch phrase? 'No offense'.

"No offense, but that doesn't look good on you."
"No offense, but this tastes disgusting."
"No offense, but you're boring."

You get the idea.

I told Amanda that just because she prefaces something with the phrase, 'No offense', doesn't mean she can follow it with all kinds of mean and rude comments.

She's doing better, and not offending so many with her 'No offenses'.

Megan, however, has been trying out her own version of 'No offense'. If she prefaces a mean phrase with 'I wish', she somehow thinks she can get away with it.

"I wish I could yell in your face!!" said while yelling.
"I wish I could tell Amanda that I hate her."
"I wish I could call her Stupid right now!"

Ugh! Where do they get this stuff?

No offense, but sometimes
I wish they'd shut ...

Just kidding. :)