Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where's the Justice?

So it's cold now (yay!) Oh, and cold for Fresno is mid 50's in the morning, climbing up to mid 60's in the late afternoon. It's been absolutely glorious. Unless, of course, you're my eldest daughter, and have no jeans or sweats that fit you (except for one pair of hand-me-down jeans received this past weekend! Thank you, Jen!!) Yeah, cooler weather isn't as fun if you're COLD. Okay, so she wore those jeans I mentioned on Monday. I washed them last night so she could wear them again today, with high hopes of hitting Target after school and getting her dialed in for winter wear.

Well, if you can believe it ... Target had nothing that would fit her. This was fine with her though, because she wanted to go shopping at Justice. Since I'd found some good deals there over the summer (especially when everything was like 40% off for weeks on end) so I was optimistic.

But then we arrived at Justice.

I'm assuming from the way the girl that greeted us kept hanging around, that she works on commission. She asked what we were looking for, and I told her "warm clothes", to which she assured me that I'd "come to the right place." What I should have said was, "warm AFFORDABLE clothes." I kept looking for sale prices, but guess what? THERE WERE NONE. Of course that didn't stop Sales Sally from trying to sell us some extras ...

Sales Gal: I noticed you're picking out a lot of sweats. Can I suggest some of these cute camisoles to go with them?

Me: No. (How's that for a straight answer? Couldn't even muster up a "No, thank you.")

Sales Gal: Oh. Alright.

Long story short, Amanda found 1 pair of sweat pants and 1 long sleeve t-shirt for FIFTY DOLLAR$!! Isn't that a great deal?! Yeah. Where's the JUSTICE in that, I'd like to know?!

After buying the two items (I know, I know! I can't believe I did it either. I had a knot in my stomach throughout the entire transaction.) I called my husband who recommended going to another store after we finished attending our school's fundraiser dinner tonight. So that's what we did, and guess what? We found 3x as much there for the same price! Yes, we'll be RETURNING our INjustice items tomorrow for a full refund, thankyouverymuch.

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