Sunday, October 3, 2010

Look Out: Meg's Got Money!

How would YOU spend $15.00?

If you were Megan, you would buy:

Scooby Doo Silly Bandz

White Nail Polish

Green Nail Polish (are you seeing a theme here?)

Teal Nail Polish

Fake Nails (decorated like strawberries)

More Fake Nails (decorated with Hello Kitty)

Grow Your Own Carrots kit

Tic Tacs (gotta have fresh breath with those fake nails)

Side Note: When I was trying to help Meg find an outfit for church this morning, I suggested the blue/black top you see in the photo above, along with a black skirt. All of a sudden she got this look in her eyes and said, "Wait! I've got it!" The next thing I knew, she was tossing the skirt aside for some black leggings with sequins around the hem, and her black and blue high-tops. What can I say? The girl's got style, and she's not afraid to use it.


  1. Noticed her cuteness (is that a word?) Hey she's giving you stocking stuffer or christmas present ideas. Have to say I have already started buying stuff Evan say's he likes one being a on the go neosporin thing! You know in case he gets sorry had to share!

  2. Amy! That's so funny, because my girls have asked me SEVERAL time to by the Neosporin on-the-go thing! What's with that anyway? FUNNY.