Sunday, October 24, 2010

Say No to Glow

I don't think our family is meant to attend football games. By the 3rd quarter, Megan is usually running on fumes having been up since 6:00 AM (okay, the alarm goes off at 6:00 AM, but she isn't actually "up" until 6:30ish, and by "ish" I mean 7:00 AM) and the games go past 10:00 PM ... it's just too much for one day, I guess.

This past Friday night was the school's Homecoming game, so there was more hoopla and activity than usual, which is why Megan happened to find a glow stick on the field. You know how you activate those things by bending them a little? Well Meg thought if she bent it several times, it would glow even more. Guess what? It glowed more alright ... right into her EYE. That's right, it broke open and squirted into her right eye. Yeah, not fun. At all. Because apparently that glow-y stuff stings (Parents, please make a note of this.) We tried to get her to wash her eye out, but she decided it would hurt less to hold a wet napkin on top of her eye. Needless to say, we left shortly after the glow-stick-explosion-into-the-eye incident, because she was crying more and more.

Once we got home, we put some saline drops in her eye, which she said made it sting worse. Next up: making her get in the bathtub and open her eyes under water like she was swimming. That (thank the Lord) seemed to take care of it.

Now ... after all that glow stick trauma, imagine my shock when the very next afternoon, I picked Megan up from a birthday party, and what do you think she's sporting around her neck? ANOTHER GLOW STICK, only BIGGER with MORE EYE-STINGING LIQUID INSIDE OF IT!!!

I shouldn't be surprised, really. When have I ever learned a lesson the first time around?

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