Thursday, October 28, 2010

What is it with bedtime anyway?!

Can't kids just go to bed like normal people? Apparently not. Tonight after I'd sent Megan to go brush her teeth, I swept through the house picking up all the stuff that the girls had left behind. As I was headed down the hall to deposit the items into the appropriate rooms, I saw Megan crawling ever so slowly towards the bathroom.

Me: Megan, get in the bathroom and brush your teeth already.

Megan: I need you to brush them for me.

Me: Uh, no. Go brush your teeth, NOW.

Megan: I can't do it myself.

Me: Yes you can. If I can pick up all of YOUR stuff, YOU can certainly brush YOUR teeth.

Megan: I can't.

Me: Give me one good reason why you can't brush your own teeth.

Megan: Because I'm crawling.

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