Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Notes from Meg

All this week, the girls have 1/2 days because of parent/teacher conferences in the afternoons. So that means I get to try and work while keeping them entertained. Good times.

I've learned to come equipped with books, electronics (portable DVD player, hand-held gaming devices, etc.) Oh, and snacks are a MUST. Popcorn seems to be a favorite, in case you were wondering.

Today the girls got a little bonus when our school registrar gave them an expired First-Aid kit. A couple rounds of "school nurse" only lasted about 20 minutes, but it was a glorious 20 minutes.

Amanda finally hunkered down with a Nancy Drew book, which meant that Megan needed attention. She asked for a pen and some scratch paper. Pretty soon I began getting notes ...

Note #1) I'm hungry MOM.

I verbally replied: Well, you haven't you eaten your lunch yet, so you can have that.

Note #2) NO I Can't.

I then suggested that she get a granola bar out of my drawer.

Note #3) Thank you.

About 15 minutes later ...

Note #4) When are we going to are house!!!!!!!

Me: 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Note #5) Can I wach a move?

I assumed she meant that she wanted to watch a "movie", not watch some of her mom's cool "moves".

I was right (her loss).

Sigh. 2 days down; 3 to go ...

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