Sunday, October 10, 2010

Communion: Take 2

Yesterday was communion Sunday. The last communion service didn't go so well, but I had big hopes for this one.

Our pastor announced it was time for communion. Megan looked at me and whispered loudly, "Yes! We're having communion today!" (Megan reeeally likes communion. Unfortunately, it's not for the reason most Christians like communion. For Megan it's more about getting to eat in church.)

The elements were passed out. Megan nudges me and holds up her wafer.

Megan: I wish we had a bunch of these at home. I love them sooooo much.

Me: Shhh.

Megan: Hey, I could use this to get my loose tooth out!

Me: Please don't.

Megan: Mom, can I have your cup when we're done?

Me: Sure.

Megan: Awesome! (turns to Amanda) Mom said I could have her cup!

Amanda: Shhh!

We took communion, sang a song and were dismissed.

Then Megan disappeared.

I looked over to see her collecting used communion cups.

At least she waited for the congregants to drink the juice first, right? Right.

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  1. That is so funny! I never liked the stale wafers (still don't,) but the juice is a nice kick of sugar when you've been sitting and listening for an entire sermon.