Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Self Esteem is A-OK

My mom was so good about building up my self-esteem while I was growing up. Always complimenting me on how I looked. She was especially complimentary of my legs. That might sound strange, but I'm 5'6, and she's just under 5'2, so to her, my long legs were something to be envied.

Mom: Tamara, have you thanked the Lord lately for your long legs?

Me: No, mother.

Mom: Well you should. So many women would love to have legs like yours.

We had exchanges like this all the time. Sometimes it was the legs, sometimes it was my clear complexion, my hair color ... you get the idea. She not only helped me feel good about myself, but reminded me to not take any of it for granted. As such, to this day I still thank God for my legs, complexion, etc!

Okay, fast forward 25-30 years, and now I'm in the car with my eldest daughter Amanda. I think to myself all the time how beautiful my girls are, but I don't tell them that. Why? I have no idea. But today it struck me that I need to build my girls up like my Mom did for me so many years ago. Amanda is 9, almost 10, and as lame as it sounds, there was part of me that was worried it was too late to start.

Here's how the conversation went ...

Me: Amanda, you're so pretty.

Amanda: Huh?

Me: You're so pretty.

Amanda: I think so too, thanks! You're pretty too, mom.

Me: Thanks.

Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna' have to worry about her.

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