Sunday, October 17, 2010

Be Thou My Vision

Last Thursday night ...

Megan: Mom, tomorrow is the eye test thing at school.

Me: Yes, it is.

Megan: They have to make the letters bigger if you don't know 'em.

Me: Yes, they do.

Megan: And if I don't know the letters, I'll have to get glasses (smile).

Me: Yes, but don't not know them on purpose just so you can get glasses. You have to be honest about what you can see.

Megan: Staring, still smiling, but not replying.

Me: Megan, do not pretend that you can't read the letters if you actually can read the letters. Got it?

Megan: I'm hungry.

Great. Someone please tell me that those vision tester people can tell when a kid is pretending to have bad vision.


  1. Hahaha! Don't worry. I tried to fake it once when I was a teenager so I could get cat eyes contacts and they totally busted me out. I'm sure they can suss a kid.

  2. I was in there and she was honest! She could see and passed! :)