Sunday, August 29, 2010

Silly Bandz

Have you seen these?

They're like the jelly bracelets of the 80's,

only shaped like stuff (animals, fruit, etc.)

Girls trade them with each other.

My girls each have between 25-30,

and want more. They're obsessed.

Before dinner tonight, Megan asked how much a pack of 24 Silly Bandz cost. I told her about $6.00. Soon after, she offered to pray for our dinner:

Dear Jesus, thank You for this day. Thank you that we could be safe. Please give me $6.00 so I can get a 24 pack of Silly Bandz. And please bless the food. Amen.

After the prayer, Amanda, Henry and I started eating. Megan just sat there.

Henry: Meg, are you gonna' eat?

Megan: I'm waiting for the $6.00 so I can get more Silly Bandz.

Oh boy.

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