Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dinner Time!

As soon as we got home from school, Megan called her neighbor friend down the street. We'll call her "Nikki", since that's her name. Meg invited Nikki to come over and swim, so it was no surprise that she arrived in her swimsuit and cover-up. The surprise (sort of) came when Meg & Nikki decided to play with Polly Pockets instead of swim. I told Meg that dinner would be ready soon, but that didn't change their course. Swimming was no match for Polly.

Dinner was almost ready ...

Me: Meg, dinner's almost ready. You and Nikki have 2 more minutes to play, then she'll have to go home because it'll be dinner, baths and bedtime.

Meg: But we haven't gone swimming yet!

Me: It's not my fault you chose Polly Pockets over swimming.

I finished up dinner preparations ...

Me: Okay, dinner's ready.

Megan came into the kitchen with Nikki, who proceeded to take off her cover-up.

Megan: Mom, we're just gonna' go for a quick swim.

Me: Uh, no you're not. Dinner is ready. That means that Nikki has to go home.

Megan: Okay, but after dinner could she come back for a night swim?

Me: Meh-gaan. Dinner, baths, bedtime, remember?!

Nikki: Okay Megan, let's just play house instead.

Nice to know that my kids aren't the only kids who don't listen to me.


  1. Don't you feel like just tapping LIFE sometimes and asking, "Is this thing ON?!" Be careful. They perfect this tuning out thing. It's an art form in my house.

  2. such kindred spirits our daughters are. Just last night she went out to play in the park. While she was over there she found her best friend so they frolicked for a hour and then her friend went home. I told Bean it was time to come home and she FELL APART. "But I didn't get to play in the park!!!"
    What were you doing for the last hour????
    Shoot me.