Monday, August 23, 2010

Book Reports

Last week the girls returned to school. Megan is in 2nd grade and Amanda is in 4th. Megan gave me a daily rating on 2nd grade that first week back. Every afternoon she greeted me by exclaiming, "AWESOME!" Whew!

With week 2 comes homework (Is this really necessary?!) Megan's teacher requires her class to do 2 book reports each week. They were introduced to this task last week, so naturally Megan feels that she's an expert on the matter.

This afternoon I had her pick out a book to read so that we could get 1 of the reports out of the way. She returned with "There's a Wocket in my Pocket". Perfect.

Then, before reading it, she pulled out the book report form and asked me to help her fill it out ...

Megan: Mom, can you help me with this?

Me: After you read the book I can.

Megan: Mom! I need your help filling this out BEFORE I read the book!

Me: BEFORE you can do the book report, you have to READ THE BOOK.

I'm sorry, but does that sound like such an outlandish expectation? To read a book before writing a report on it? (No comments about Cliffs Notes, please. This is Dr. Seuss we're talking about here.)

Megan (stomping away from the kitchen table and down the hallway to her bedroom): YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT BOOK REPORTS!!!!!

Mom's take on the first night of 2nd grade homework:


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