Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life Without Kids: Observation #13

Um, a LOT of people have been telling me how relaxed I look without children. How am I supposed to take this, I wonder? I must look like a big ball 'o stress the rest of the time. Whatever the case, I DO feel relaxed, and can't thank my parents enough for the time they've given to me AND my girls. For so many reasons, this has been by FAR my favorite summer. (This includes the times I actually spent with my girls, by the way!)

Observation #13: I miss my girls!!

I know, I never thought I'd type those words either. Go figure. I can't say I miss their fighting, or telling me they're bored, or that they don't like what we're having for "dinner" (if you can call one of my meals that.) But yeah, I miss the little goof-balls. And I have it recorded on my answering machine that Megan misses me too, so THAT'S a relief!!

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