Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just Say "No" to Birds Too

Megan is a lot like me. You don't want to be around her when she hasn't had enough sleep. This afternoon her sleep deprivation was all too apparent, so I made the call that Henry and Amanda would go to Costco without us. There was no way I was taking that out in public.

While they were gone, Megan decided she wanted to earn some money by doing chores. So we wrote down some ideas for a chore chart. She approved all the tasks, save one: cleaning up dog poop.

Megan: Mom, does a pet bird cost less money than a bunny?

Me: Yes, I think so.

Megan: How much?

Me: I have no idea, $25 maybe?

Megan: Good, 'cuz that's what I want to buy with the money I earn.

Me: Megan, we've been through this before. You are not getting another pet. We already have 2 dogs that you don't take care of, and that's it. No more pets.

Megan: How much is a cage and bird seed?

Me: It doesn't matter, because you're NOT getting a bird.

Megan: Mom, it'll be fine. And I'll make Amanda pet it while it's still in the cage so it won't get out and fly around and poop on stuff.

Me: We can't have pets in the house, and even if we could, you're NOT getting another pet until the 2 dogs you have right now are DEAD, got it?

Megan: So when can I start these chores? I need more than $25 for the bird, cage and bird seed.

Me: Megan, do you ever wonder why I talk to you at all?

Megan: Huh? What are you even talking about?

Me: My point exactly.

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