Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tantrums, Bladder Infections & Anniversaries, OH MY!

You just never know what an evening might hold.

I had my girls in bed by 7:30 tonight. Not just because they need as much sleep as possible, but because I too had big plans of hittin' the sack early. So around 7:50, I was headed to beddy-bye. You'd think I'd know by now not to have such lofty ideas ...

7:55 - Amanda comes out crying from symptoms of a bladder infection. I guess I hadn't noticed the frequent trips to the bathroom earlier this evening. Now that we were all in our pj's and ready for ni-night, the pain begins. Nothing I offer helps, so I do what any other mother would do in this day and age: Google bladder infection treatments.

8:00 - Megan comes out from her room to announce that she can't sleep because she's not tired and Amanda's crying is keeping her awake. I tell her it's just as well, because apparently we're all getting dressed and going to the drug store to buy some stuff for Amanda.

8:30 - We're dressed and getting into the car. Amanda's still crying, poor thing.

8:40 - We're now roaming the aisles of the drug store, and Amanda needs a bathroom. She and Meg go find one while I look for this miracle drug that the Google gurus have recommended: AZO.

8:50 - Found it!

8:51 - Megan finds an electric toothbrush that one can decorate with stickers. I've been meaning to buy her an electric toothbrush, so we take that up front as well.

9:05 - We're home. Amanda takes her medicine, and Megan decorates her toothbrush.

9:10 - Megan shows me her toothbrush. I tell her to remove the pink skull-n-crossbones sticker.

9:11 - Megan slams her toothbrush down on the kitchen counter and runs to her room yelling, "You hate me! Why did you buy me a toothbrush at all?!!!!"

9:12 - I try ignore the tantrum and check on Amanda, but cannot believe the level of screaming coming from Megan's bedroom. I yell out: Megan! You are being ridiculous! It's a sticker for cryin' out loud! We don't wear skull-n-crossbones, pink or otherwise. You know that, so get over it already!

9:13 - Megan screams back: I hit my head! Oops.

9:14 - I check on Megan. Sure enough, as she stormed down the hallway, she cut the turn into her doorway too close, and slammed her cheek into the door frame. Could this night get any better? I could hardly stand the suspense.

9:15 - I get an ice pack for Megan and make a comment about how tantrums never pay off, and that I hoped she'd learned a lesson from this. Who am I kidding?

9:30 - Both girls are tucked back into bed a mere 2 hours after the initial tucking in.

Tomorrow is our 16th wedding anniversary. Last year we had to cancel our out of town plans because the girls got sick. This year's not lookin' much better in the way of celebrating, but it's okay. We had our fun back in August when the girls were at Grandma and Grandpa's. So it's all good.


  1. Is it wrong that I laughed at this post? A lot?

  2. Laugh away! You would have laughed some more the following day when Megan said to Henry, "I got hurt last night and Mom just told me to 'get over it'." Nice, huh?