Saturday, September 18, 2010


Megan is my fashionista. Last week she spent some of her money on black nail polish. She's SEVEN!

Last night we took the family to Red Robin to celebrate our wedding anniversary, because we're romantic like that. If you've never been to a Red Robin restaurant, you need to know that the walls are covered with entertainment memorabilia ... framed posters of celebrities, movies, etc.

So as we're waiting for our food to arrive, Megan tells me that a friend from school told her that black finger nail polish is 'Goth'.

Me: Well, that's partially true, but black nail polish has gone mainstream in recent years. A lot of models and celebrities wear black nail polish nowadays.

Megan: What's 'Goth' anyway?

Me: It's a look that is not very becoming. Dark black hair, lots of black eye make-up, black lip stick ...

Megan, pointing to a celebrity's photo on the wall: Like her? Is she 'Goth'?

Me: Uh, no, that's Jackie Onassis Kennedy.

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