Wednesday, September 15, 2010

True or False?

Megan had to do a book report this afternoon. She chose the book "Panda Bear Cub" (I'm sure you've heard of it.) Anyway, She was to write 3 TRUE and 3 FALSE sentences about the book.


Pandas are pink at birth.

Cubs grow fast.

They open their eyes in six weeks.

I tried to make suggestions for the FALSE sentences, but she had her own ideas. See if you can pick up on a theme here ...

Me: Okay, how about something like, 'Cubs walk as soon as they're born'? That would be false.

Megan: No. I think I'll write, 'Cubs are afraid of cats'.

Me: Okaaay. How 'bout if the next false sentence has to do with pandas not liking bamboo?

Megan: Wait! I know! 'Cubs are afraid of bamboo'!

Me: Uh, yeah. That's better. Alright, one more. Maybe something about the mother panda leaving her cub after it's born? Whataya think?

Megan: Or ... 'Mother pandas are afraid of the baby cubs'!!

Me: Right. What was I thinking?

I guess I wouldn't care so much that she seems obsessed with the idea of being afraid, if it weren't for the mad scientist look on her face each time she'd come up with a new "afraid" sentence. Kinda' creepy, but oh so Megan.

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