Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bread Girl

It's not easy naming your children. A lot of thought goes into it. What does the name mean? Does it rhyme with anything that might become a nick name and possibly scar the child for life? If we'd had boys, one of the names I liked was Cooper. Until someone pointed out that Cooper rhymes with pooper. Okay, so much for that one.

'Amanda' seemed like a safe enough name for a girl ...

Amanda: Mom, what were the other names you wanted to name me?

Me: Well ...

Amanda: Natalie, right? Wasn't Natalie one of the names?

Me: Yes, and McKenna. That was a newer name back when you were born.

Amanda: That's a good one. Why didn't you name me that? At least then no one would call me 'Manna'.

Me: Maybe not, but they might call you 'Kenna'.

Amanda: That would be better than 'Manna'. I don't like it when people call me that. It makes me feel like bread.

Me: Sorry.

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