Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Buyin' Babies

Megan: Mom, did you buy me?

Me: What do you mean, buy you?

Megan: You know, like at the store. Did you buy me or did I come out of your tummy.

Me: The tummy thing.

Megan: I'm gonna' buy my baby.

Me: Why?

Megan: Doesn't it hurt to have a baby come out of your tummy.

Me: Yeah. So you're thinking of buying a baby, because it won't hurt?

Megan: Right.

Henry and Amanda arrive on the scene.

Megan: So where do you buy babies anyway, Babies R Us?

Amanda: No, you go to an adoption agency.

Henry: Or you can do like the Lichti's, and go to China to get a baby.

Me: That'd be cool, huh Meg?

Megan: Yeah! Then I'd learn Spanish!

Henry: They speak Chinese in China, not Spanish.

Megan: Oh.

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