Monday, September 13, 2010

Brush Your Teeth

There are some phrases that, to me, seem self-explanatory. Last night, Megan made me rethink this.

Apparently, "Brush your teeth" to Megan means a few different things ...

Play with dolls,

Torture sister,

Watch yourself in the mirror while singing Little Drummer Boy.

When I finally asked Megan why she hadn't brushed her teeth yet, her reply was:

"Why would I?"



  1. There are times I say, "Bean, go get your socks and shoes" and 30 minutes later she comes down with them. Why does every little task take FOREVER???

  2. Tami, I feel you!
    Tracy, at least it's done. Not something that happens in this house. I have to stand over him to get him to do anything and practically force him to do it. What did I just admit I have no