Monday, September 6, 2010

Parking with Amanda

I didn't know that everyone goes to Target on Labor Day. Now I do. We actually had to park a ways away from the store, so as we were getting out of the car ...

Me: Okay, everyone take note of where we parked.

Amanda: Easy. By the tree.

Me: Uh, there's lots of trees in this parking lot.

Amanda (looking around): Okay, next to the car with the disco ball hanging from the mirror.

Me: Right. I'll go ahead and remember where we parked.


  1. and what if the car with the disco ball leaves before you come out of the store????

  2. Exactly, Tracey (and it did leave, btw.) At that rate, why not just point out a person walking by and pick THEM as a landmark for where you parked? Glad she won't be driving/parking 'till 16.