Saturday, September 11, 2010

Need a Ride ... to INSANITY?

Welcome to a typical ride in our car ...

Amanda gets in first and slams the door shut.

Megan tries to get into the car on Amanda's side. Amanda knows this is coming (because Megan does this every morning), so she locks her door before Megan can open it. (What are sisters for, right?) Megan gets mad and stomps all the way around the car to her side and gets in, slamming the door shut.

Once everyone is inside and buckled, Megan puts her dirty shoes on the back of the seat in front of her. I tell her to get her dirty feet off the seat.

Someone asks for music.

I point out that the radio is already on.

I'm told that "music" means a "CD".

Once the CD is playing I hear, "Number 5 please." "Up please." "UP PLEASE."

Before number 5 is even done the other one says, "Number 3 please."

The newest CD in the car is Jonas L.A., from the same titled TV show. The girls were watching it the other day when a song came on. I asked them if that song was on the CD. They said they didn't know. I replied, "Well, since we've only heard tracks 3 & 5, It's no wonder you don't know." They just looked at me with blank stares as if to say, "Why do you insist on talking to us?"

Halfway through song number 3, one of them tattles on the other for one of the following reasons:

2) She's looking at me!

3) She's not singing right!

4) She has her feet on the seat again!

5) She won't let me look at the CD cover!

6) She's not doing anything, but I love to tattle so spank her or something!

This is when I turn off the "music" for the remainder of our commute.

I have considered driving into a tree on more than one occasion.


  1. Ok, you have ridden in MY car, I know it! It's almost verbatim of what happens to me several times a week. I feel better already knowing that you feel my pain...or I feel yours. One difference, we're still stuck on the Phineas and Ferb CD. Maybe I'll go by Jonas LA just for a change of pace. :)