Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cheese Ravioli Anyone?

For the last few months, Megan's been bugging me to buy raviolis. A couple weeks ago, I actually remembered to get them. Not the Chef Boyardee kind, but the fresh kind you have to boil in water. (Impressive, I know.)

A few days later, when dinner time rolled around and I was once again wishing I had a personal chef, I opened the fridge and saw the raviolis! Yes! An easy dinner was just moments away!

Me: Megan, guess what!

Megan: What?

Me: I remembered to buy raviolis, and we're having them for dinner tonight!

Megan: Awesome! Did you get the meat kind?

Me: They didn't have meat, so I got cheese.

Megan: Cheese!? I wanted meat!

Amanda: We're having cheese raviolis? I hate cheese raviolis!

Me: When have you ever had cheese raviolis?

Amanda: Last weekend at my friend's house, and I did NOT like them.

Me: Well, sorry. That's what we're having.

Amanda: Great.

We sat down to dinner.

Megan: I'm not eating this.

Me: Actually you are.

Megan: But I wanted MEAT raviolis.

Me: Sorry. We're having cheese.

Amanda, after taking 1 bite: These are just like the ones I had at my friend's house, only they had meat sauce, which was better. These are GROSS. I can't eat anymore of them!!

Megan: Me either!! I'M NOT EATING THIS!!

Me: Oh yeah?! Well guess what? I didn't want to make this dinner in the first place, but I did. I'm certainly not going to make a second one. If you two don't want to eat what I made, then you can fix your own dinner!

Megan fixed herself cereal, Amanda had toast or something, and I had two helpings of the FABULOUS cheese raviolis. So there.