Friday, September 10, 2010

Don't Touch Each Other!!

While dining at Costco (can you use 'dining' and 'Costco' in the same sentence?) Amanda felt a kick underneath the table ...

Amanda: Megan!! Mom, she kicked me!!

Me: Okay, I'm gonna' say something that I say every day. Several times a day actually. Can you guess what it is?

Amanda: 'Megan, stop it?'

Me: No ...

Megan: 'Don't touch each other?'

Me: Right! Don't touch each other! Believe it or not, I can go ALL DAY without touching ANYONE, so I know it can be done!! So many of the fights you two get into would be eliminated if you just wouldn't touch each other.

My little speech worked like a charm. Megan didn't touch Amanda for like 15 minutes.


  1. So funny. When I lived in Oregon I had a friend who would play this annoying game. He would stick is finger less than an inch from my face and repeat over and over "I'm not touching you!" He had done this to his younger sibilings growing up! So it COULD be

  2. Seriously. What is up with that!? I loved your line about going through your day w/o touching someone. I will have to use that one.