Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hairy Scary

On the drive home from school, we saw a man jogging. He was running in the same direction I was driving, so I saw him from the back (shorts, no shirt) but not the front. Megan, on the other hand, turned around to get a good look ...

Megan: Eewww!!

Me: What?!

Megan: That man has boobs!

Me: The jogger man?

Megan: Yeah! And they're hairy too!

Me: He has hairy boobs?

Megan: Yessss!! Eewww!!!

Me: Hey, don't knock it. What if your husband someday has hairy boobs?

Megan: No way. He won't.

Me: You never know.

Megan: Well, let me think about it.

Long pause.

Megan: I guess boobs are okay, but he'd have to shave them.

Me: Fair enough.


  1. such a good laugh this morning. :) Megan is a kick.