Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My girls are so blessed to receive hand-me-downs. For church this past Sunday, Amanda wore a cute little sundress she'd been given the week before. I suggested that she wear a tank top underneath as the neckline on the sundress was somewhat plunging.

As we were walking into church ...

Amanda: I don't like the tank top under this sundress.

Me: I think it looks cute.

Amanda: I've never seen anyone else wear a tank top with a sundress before.

Me: I see girls wear them under sundresses all the time.

Amanda: What's the point anyway?

Me: To cover up cleavage.

Amanda: I don't even know what that IS.

Megan: Wait, does it have something to do with armpits?

Me: No.

Megan: Okay, boobs?

Me: Yeah. That.


  1. What? No cute picture of cleavage to go along with your post? :)

  2. Ha! You KNOW I looked for it!! But alas, no appropriately cute cartoon cleavage. :)