Friday, April 15, 2011

Like vs Lick

My husband is Dutch, and some Dutch people like salted licorice. Henry would be one of those Dutch people. In fact, his favorite is DOUBLE salt (dubbel zoute) licorice, if you can imagine.

For someone like myself, who doesn't even like black licorice, the thought of that stuff salted is just plain wrong. Here's a photo so you know what to avoid the next time you're at a Cost Plus World Market:

The other day after school, the girls and I stopped by Henry's office and he offered them some sugared licorice. Not salted, but sugared. Hmmm. Megan liked it. Amanda did not. I didn't even bother.

Henry: Amanda, you can't get the idea of what it tastes like by just licking it.

Megan: Yeah. I licked it and didn't like it, but when I chewed it all together, I liked it! It's kinda' like when I tried salad for the first time. I didn't like it because I only licked it.

Me: Uh, how could you even form an opinion on how salad tastes by just licking it?

Megan: Ranch.

Me: Ranch. That's it?

Megan: Ranch.

Soooo ... what can we take away from this conversation?

1) After licking lettuce, Megan thinks she doesn't like salad. 2) Megan does like black, sugared licorice because she was willing to venture out and actually chew it. 3) Black, salted licorice is evil.


  1. yes, I tried some of that in Columbia State Park and about puked. Like, I couldn't even keep it in my mouth. It must be a genetic thing. We were not created with the salted licorice gene.

  2. Tracey ~ I went to Columbia State Park with Amanda's class last month and when I saw that their candy shop sold it, I bought 2 pounds for Henry!! If that ain't love ...

    And yes, it's GOT to be genetic. Although, his Dad started him on it when he was very young (before he knew any better.)