Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

When you sing in a church choir, Easter morning begins EARLY.

When you have children, THEIR Easter morning begins EARLY.

The only thing you have in your corner to lure them out of bed that early (read 5:45 AM), is the almighty Easter basket. Unless, of course, this happens ...

There I was, tossing and turning in bed, worried about oversleeping, when I heard Amanda get up and start riffling through her basket. I looked at the clock ... 3:30!! You've GOT to be KIDDING ME. So sure enough, when the time came to wake the dead, Megan got right up because, hello? She wanted to see what was in her Easter basket! Miss vampire daughter, however, would not be moved. Lovely.

So I focused on getting Megan ready. I took her Easter outfit off the hangers and left her to get dressed. When I came back a couple minutes later, she announced that the skirt was too big, so she had to wear something else. Of course, this news came only AFTER I'd removed the tags.

Me: Uh, the skirt fit fine in the store, so what happened?

Megan: I don't know.

Me: Well I didn't schedule any extra time this morning for picking out a new Easter outfit. After thumbing through her closet, I came to the dress she wore for her Christmas program, that thankfully was not red and green, but black and white. Unfortunately it was also way too short, but she's 7 so she can get away with it, right? How 'bout this one, Meg?

Megan: Good.

Me: Good.

I went back to Amanda and somehow gathered enough resurrection power to pull her from her bed. I then pointed out her Easter basket. She told me she'd already gone through it. I said, "Yeah, I know, at THREE THIRTY A.M.!" She grinned and then proceeded to show me all the stuff in the basket, as if she still believed the Easter Bunny brought it all instead of me and as if we had any time left AT ALL, which we did NOT.

Somehow we got to church on time, and without anyone getting spanked which is always nice. After singing at 4 services, we headed home for lunch and an Easter egg hunt.

After that came MY Easter basket equivalent: A 3.5 hour nap!!

And if THAT weren't enough, we went OUT for Easter dinner!!!

So let's recap:

Got to church on time without having to spank anyone.

Got to sing ... A LOT.

Got to provide an Easter egg hunt for my girls.

Got a serious nap.

Got to go OUT for dinner instead of cook.

Yeah, pretty much a perfect Easter.

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