Thursday, April 28, 2011

Busy WHAT?

The other day Megan was all about using my cell phone.

She called my work phone 3-4 times from the hallway after school. Then on the way to Henry's office, I stopped another office where she felt the need to call him on his cell phone. Once we caught up with Henry, she said she was thinking about calling me on my cell phone next. Henry told her that wouldn't work because she would be calling herself. She didn't really understand, but took his word for it.

Later in the car ...

Amanda: What would have happened if Megan had called your cell phone from your cell phone?

Me: She would have either gotten a busy signal, or my voice mail.

Amanda: A busy what?

Me: A busy signal. What? You've never heard of a busy signal before?!

Amanda: Nope.

Me: You know, when you call and hear that annoying 'Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh'.

Amanda: Uh uh.

Me: That's just sad.

Can you even believe that?! There's a generation out there who has never heard a busy signal or even knows what it is because all they've ever known is CALL WAITING!!!

AND they'll never have to ask the operator to do an Emergency Break Through ... remember those?!

This realization made me think of this clip from Conan O'Brien:

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