Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cell Phones

Megan:  When can I get a cell phone?

Me:  After Amanda, and she probably won't get one 'till at LEAST Jr. High.

Amanda:  Yeah Megan, you can't get one before I get one!

Megan:  What if I buy it with my own money?

Me:  You'd still have to pay the monthly fee, and you can't afford that.

Megan:  So if I pay the fee, can I get one?

Me:  But you CAN'T pay the fee.

Megan:  But if I can ...

And on and on it goes. We've had this same conversation everyday for a week now. It's very reminiscent of the, "Can I get a pet bunny?" post from a couple years ago. Click here if you'd like to relive THAT mind-numbing dialogue.


  1. I gave a cell phone to Bailey when she turned 10. Now when I see young talkers out there....I think what the heck was I thinking!? Bailey is now 17 and many cell phones later....I really should have waited until 7th grade.

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