Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Picture Day

Picture Day at school. What is worse, I ask you?

For those of you who have boys, I would like to say (in love), that you have NO IDEA what a nightmare Picture Day can be!

I went to bed knowing that I would have to get up even earlier than normal because both girls announced that they wanted their hair curled. And by "curled", we're talking Shirley Temple ringlets, not some soft-wave deal. This translates to at LEAST 30 minutes per girl. And if I wanted to look halfway decent for my OWN school photo ... yeah, crack of dawn here we come.

So the next morning, after doing my hair, AND Meg's hair, it was Amanda's turn. 

I started curling, and after 20 minutes had both sides done with just the back to go.

Amanda:  That looks cheesy.

Me:  What does?

Amanda:  My hair. Look at it. It looks cheesy. Can you straighten it?

Me:  Are you even serious right now?

Amanda:  Uh, yeah.

Me:  OH. MY. WORD.

Amanda:  What? I can't help it if it looks bad curly.

Me:  No, but you could have told me like 10 minutes ago!

Amanda:  Well sooorrrryyy.

Me:  You and me both.

So I spent the next 20 minutes straightening her hair, without showing even the slightest hint of irritation. Pretty sure.

And after ALL that, what do you suppose is the thanks I get?  I'll tell ya what: A CRAPPY STAFF PICTURE OF MYSELF!!  That's right,  since we're all digital and stuff now, I was able to see just how bad MY picture was ... immediately!! I would have asked to have the gal take it again, but I know they're trained to immortalize you looking your absolute worst, so why bother, right?  Right. Ugh!! 

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