Friday, August 31, 2012

Impaired Parenting

It was a day that was doomed from the start.  

I woke up late (after hitting the snooze 9 times.)  When I finally got out of bed, I was greeted with a headache and crampy-bloated-ickyness.  I swear, moms should get at least one "Get Out Of Jail Free" card a month, because there are days like this where you shouldn't have to interact with ANYONE, let alone CHILDREN.  

When I asked Meg what she wanted for breakfast, she said, "Cinnamon toast." When I asked her if she wanted 1 slice or 2, she said, "One." Perfect.

I dragged myself to the kitchen and made her TWO slices of cinnamon toast, because that's what she usually requests, and let's face it - I was too busy feeling sorry for myself to hear what she wanted anyway.

Once I realized my mistake, I asked Amanda if SHE would like cinnamon toast for breakfast, because if  she DID, I'd be done making breakfast for the day!!

So much for THAT idea. She said "No, my stomach hurts."  Fine. And my stomach hurts too, btw, but I still get to make everyone breakfast!! WHATEVER!!  So I ate the extra slice of cinnamon toast myself!!

Ten minutes later I asked Amanda if anything sounded good for breakfast, and she said, "I guess I'll have cinnamon toast."

WHAT?!?!?!  UUGGHHH!!!!

Meg walked by just in time to hear my slightly loud over-reaction to Amanda's breakfast choice ...

Megan:  Is it hard to be a mom?

Me:  Yes!! Can't you tell by my LOUD SIGHING?!

Cause I'm pretty sure I did it right.

Here's the thing, adults are not allowed to Drive While Intoxicated. So why are moms expected to Mother While Menstruating?!  It's just as dangerous. Peoples lives are at stake.  Little people!!  There needs to be a law ...


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