Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Awareness "Ribbons"

I'm  amazed at how Amanda has taken to friendship bracelet making. She goes on youtube and watches videos on how to make different patterns, and then just does it. She's woven chevron patterns, daisies, letters, and more.

The other day ...

Amanda:  Look at this new bracelet, it's the breast cancer fish.

Me:  It's supposed to be a ribbon, not a fish.

Amanda:  Well, it looks like a fish.

Me:  Fair enough.


  1. I love fingerloop braiding but have a hard time maintaining tension on long braids.
    Are there any tips you can give me? Or would it be better to stick to smaller lengths and
    then try to join them together through sewing.friendship bracelet

    1. My daughter Amanda is the expert, and she doesn't know what "fingerloop braiding" is. Sorry. :(