Friday, July 22, 2011

One Letter Makes ALL the Difference

On Sunday mornings, I sing in our church choir. My girls sit close to the front of the church so that I can sit with them right after I'm done singing.

Several Sundays ago, I sat down next to Megan who passed me a note she'd been working on for several minutes ...

At first glance I thought it said, "Good sinning."

Good sinning? I knew we'd had a rough morning (no different from any other morning where time actually matters), but could you really categorize my nagging to get her out the door as 'sinning'?

Or was she referring to the condition of my heart while I was up in front singing (which I thought to be pure enough, but what if she could see something I couldn't?)

Yes, I was beginning to obsess a wee bit about my daughter complimenting my sinning while the pastor began his message. What's the proper response to something like this anyway? A mad dash to the altar? Tearing my clothes and putting ashes on my head? What?!

Megan leaning over and whispering: Do you like it?

Me whispering back: Um, yes?

Megan: Then why aren't you smiling?

Me: It says, 'Good sinning'?!

Megan: No it doesn't. It says 'Good singing'.

Me: Oh! Well then yes, I love it. Thank you.

Yeah. The letter 'G' would have really helped here.

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