Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Not So Hot" Dogs

There's a girl down the street who is Megan's age, and just about everyday this summer she has been over to our house to play and vice versa. Usually she's at our house during the day, and then my girls go over to her house for night swimming and sitting around their fire pit.

Tonight the girls tried to change it up a bit, and talked the other mom into letting Megan stay for dinner. When I found out that they were having hot dogs, I was surprised that Meg wanted to stay and eat because she does not like hot dogs. At all. But hey, it's not like I was cooking up anything fancier than that.

Well, about 10 minutes later the phone rings ...

Me: Hello?

Megan: Mom, I want to come home for dinner.

Me: Why?

Megan: They're having hot dogs and I don't like hot dogs.

Me: I know, but it would be rude to not eat what they offer you.

Megan: I know, so can I come home and eat dinner with you?

Me: I guess. I'll walk down now to come get you.

Megan with much relief in her voice: Thanks Mom.

I rang the doorbell and explained to my neighbor that though I knew Meg didn't like hot dogs, I thought for sure she'd suck it up for an extended play date at their house. Guess not. I mean we are talking hot dogs here.

When we got home, Meg asked what we were having for dinner.

Me: Mac ...

Megan: Macaroni & Cheese?! YUMMY!!

I shouldn't have felt smug ... it was only mac-n-cheese for cryin' out loud, but I gotta' say ... I kinda' did.

So lame, I know.

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